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Where there is always a cherished aspiration


What is Floonus?


Basic data

In a galaxy far far away, in the Beta Quadrant, right next to the Naraka 9 star in the line of 270 degrees lies a planet called Floonus. This planet is aproximatly  50,000 light years from Earth. In this planet each day lasts about 30 hours, so people always have time for everything.  Every year is about 400 days. This planet is mostly full of joy and happiness. IN this planet people have time for everything and get done things easily. This planet is is pretty big because it is equivalent to 5 Earths. Some people like to float everywhere because the gravilation force is like the moons'. about 83.3% less than the earth.Floonus is filled with oxygen so the people always breath really good air. In Floonus there are flower everywhere and th insect dont sting not bite. The leader of Floonus, Giosa, makes this planet more eco-friendly, better, and with more technology each day! Floonus is where you, your friends, and your would want to be!



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